Which Railpass Option of Traveling to Finland is for You?

Are you Visiting from a non-European country?

See Southern Europe and Scandinavia at the same time. Buy your own Eurailpass ticket for the amount of time you need to be in each country. Eurailpass gives you a traveling window - a time to travel within a specified period of time. The traveling length is from two weeks to three months. Take advantage of the Eurailpass, for instance, purchase a Two-Country Eurail Pass in Sweden. This enables you to travel by train in Stockolm, or anywhere else in Sweden then take the ferry to Finland. The ferry trip is an additional cost (but you do get a discount for ferry travel with Eurail).

You are not bound to take the ferry from Stockholm. Consider it an option to travel to Northern Sweden gaining access to Finland at the North-Western corner without a ferry crossing at all. After this the same ticket would allow you to travel around in Finland by train.

Keep in mind to use your Two Country Eurail Pass 5-10 days in a 30-day period!

Experience classic Europe and Northern Europe

On the journey northward you may want to rail through classic Southern European cities along the tracks before entering Northern Europe! If so then buy the Global Eurail Pass. The benefit is flexible train travel into 22 European countries during a given period.

Quotes from Eurail company about customizing your Railpass to Finland

If you are only interested in traveling by train in Finland then I can recommend our One Country Pass for Finland. These Passes start at $179. More information here for our country pass for Finland.

If you are traveling in a group you can benefit from the Eurail Saver Pass option. The Saver Pass is a Pass with two or more names on it. The prices listed on our website are per person allowing you to have 15% off of the normal Adult Pass price.

The Eurail Saver Pass options allows 2 to 5 passengers to travel together at all times with one single pass making this pass 15% cheaper than the normal Adult Pass. You will need to travel together since there is only one Pass with all names listed.

The beauty of the Saver Pass allows for travel in up to 5 different countries. Include any Southern or Northern country (like Finland) into your travel agenda. If you are also interested in traveling by train to Finland or in other countries of Europe then I would recommend our Saver Pass option.

More information about the 5 country Eurorail railpass to Finland Saver Pass options and pricing. You can use your Eurail Pass to travel from country to country and from city to city to/through all countries listed on your Pass.

Eurail has partners who offer discounts for Eurail Pass holders. A Eurail Pass entitles you to bonuses like price reductions on hotels, museums and bicycle rental or free/discounted transportation for a selection of:

  • private railroad companies.(see the map link of the rail system in Norway, Sweden and Finland below)
  • national or international ferry crossings.
  • buses - you may need to travel by bus while you are in Finland.

Benefits for using Eurail in Finland

Information about the Eurail regional pass for Finland and Sweden

Residents of Europe use InterRail

The best way to get to Finland is generally by train via Copenhagen to Stockholm and then the ferry from Stockholm to Finland.

Find what InterRail ticket option suits your needs best. Travel up to 30 different countries within Europe on one type of ticket or travel to a selected country with the other ticket type. It's up to you!

Benefits of InterRail Train Railpass to Finland

See southern European cities by train. France, Germany and put Finland on your list of those 30 countries you wish to visit. Remember to buy the ticket which gives you the most days to travel.

Quotes from InterRail company about the Railpass to Finland

The InterRail Global Pass should be one of the best pass options. Customize it to become 'your' railpass to Finland. Include train travel across 30 other countries of your choice. More details about this Pass here.

InterRail offers a 50% discount for train travel via Copenhagen to Stockholm. More details about this benefit and additional ferry trip here.

InterRail Passes are not valid in your country of residence. In most countries (except for UK) you can get a discount on train tickets to the border. Please visit here for more information about this.

Be mindful that there are trains requiring reservations. For InterRail Pass this information is here.

Group discounts with InterRail

If you are ordering tickets for a large group you get a discount provided that you place a large order with 20 travelers or more at the InterRail website. The discount depends on the type of InterRail Pass you wish and the number of travelers in your group. If you need more detailed information, send an e-mail to marketing@eurail.com.


  • the group size (divided into youth from 12 to 25 / adults over 25 / children under 12).
  • the exact InterRail Pass(es) you would like to order.
  • the period when you are intending to travel.

Railpass to Finland planning

A simple way to custom plan your railpass to Finland is to check the European timetables. With this European rail travel planner you get a visual representation of all the railroad connections from city to city. You can study the time of departure/arrival of the train into which city, plus make seat reservations.

For trip planning, here is a free downloadable map by InterRail. For a visual layout of the rail track system in Northern Europe, here is a map of the rail system of Norway, Sweden and Finland. An updated search result for European railway maps and timetables.