Best Time to Travel to Finland

The warm season in Finland is from mid-May to September. After September the fall season has short periods with bursts of color coming from the turning of the leaves, followed by spells of cold rains and sleet/snow.

During the "summer" the average temperatures are about 14.1 degrees Celsius, (57.38 degree Fahrenheit). Enjoy the long light days and midnight sun in Finnish Lapland!

Consider visiting Finnish Lapland in March, to have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis in the sky. There are rumors that in Lapland the best cross-country skiing takes place in March/April.

For the ice-swimming enthusiast, winter is the absolute prime time to be in Finland. Particularly at the end of January, in February and March there is a thick sheet of ice covering the lakes, plenty of snow, and the days are longer compared to November and December.

Before you make your travel plans, you may want to look at what the weather in Finland is like and climate in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Lapland are like at the time of year you are traveling.

Types of clothing to take with you

From May to September bring:

  •     Wool socks for potential cold floors
  •     Warm weather clothing: T-shirt, shorts, summer dress etc.
  •     Cool weather clothing: sweater, jacket, scarf, hat, boots.
  •     Thermal underwear if you are out on the water or overnight in nature.

From September to April bring:

  •     Two pairs of thick wool socks
  •     Cool weather clothing
  •     Real cold weather clothing: thick sweater, high-quality thermal underwear, lined boots, warm gloves, two warm hats.